Traxxas Motor, Titan® 550, reverse rotation (21-turns/ 14 volts) (1) (3975r)

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Replacement part for these models:

TRX-4® 1979 Chevrolet Blazer

TRX-4® 1979 Ford Bronco

TRX-4® 2021 Ford Bronco

TRX-4® Equipped with Traxx™

TRX-4® Mercedes-Benz® G 500® 4X4²

TRX-4® Scale and Trail™ Crawler

TRX-4® Sport

TRX-4® Unassembled Kit

TRX-6™ Mercedes-Benz® G 63® AMG 6X6

Accessory part for these models:

TRX-4® Sport Unassembled Kit


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