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In 1962, the Régie Renault launched the Renault 8 which, along with the R10, was the last car with an engine placed at the rear until the appearance of the Twingo III in 2014. It was not until the 1964 Paris Motor Show that the R8 Gordini (Type R1134) was introduced. It will very quickly be recognisable in its Bleu France 418 dress and its double white stripe running the length of the car.
Length of the built model: 165mm
Width of the built model: 63mm
Height oft he built model: 56mm
Realizable decal versions:
No. 23: Jean-Francois Piot/Michael Karaky – Rallye Monte Carlo 1967
No. 41: Jean-Pierre Nicolas/Claude Roure – Tour de Corse 1967

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