Original Spirograph Scratch & Shimmer Set (01035z)

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Contents: 21 Spirograph Precision Wheels, 2 Spirograph Precision Rings, 2 Spirograph Precision Racks, 31 Spiro-Tracks, .31oz (9g) of Reusable Spiro-Putty, 3 Fine Line Design Pens, 24 Page Guide Book, 12 Sheets of Jumbo Design Paper and lots lots more.

The classic way to create countless super shaped designs! The Original Super Spirograph Design Set includes more than 75 pieces with precision parts and pens and a collectible 50th anniversary golden die-cast wheel!

Combine the principle of art and mathematics.

The classic way to create countless super shaped designs!

A special collectible 50th anniversary golden die-cast wheel can be found inside.

Dimensions: 5x30.5x28cm

Product Description

The Original Super Spirograph is back and better than ever! The classic interchangeable Spiro-Tracks let you create your own unique pattern shapes, taking your designs to a whole new and SUPER level. This jumbo 75+ piece set comes in a durable storage case with a work surface and features a real metal die-cast #50 Spirograph wheel to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the introduction of the original Spirograph.

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