MINICRAFT B-52D/E StratoFortress

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Finished Model Size  13" X 15.5" X 3.5"   (150+) Parts

The B-52D was first deployed 1955 as a high altitude “atomic bomber. Tactics used by B-52 crews changed to adapt to low level penetration of well-defended Soviet territory as the Soviets improved their anti-aircraft missile defenses. The B-52E featured new “avionics” to enhance low-level flight for the penetration of sell-defended Soviet air-space. The B-52E was used exclusively for nuclear deterrence and retired in 1970.      

The new Minicraft B-52D/E features new markings representing the high-tail D and E models with AGM-28 “Hound Dog” stand-off missiles. The kit includes new markings representing distinctive silver and white Strategic Air Command markings with high quality decals printed by Cartograf. This kit also includes the new Minicraft clear stand for simulated in-flight desktop display. 

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