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The last “new” B-52H was delivered in 1963 but the B-52 continues to serve today and is likely to continue to do so for decades to come. The B-52 has evolved from a high altitude “atom bomber” as originally designed, to a high altitude “bomb truck” as deployed in Viet Nam to a modernized weapon system of today that can deliver tons of ordinance on target using smart bombs or un-guided “dumb” bombs.    This Minicraft B-52H represents the B-52 early in it’s career as a unit of the elite Strategic Air Command atom bomb armed sentinel of the cold war.   Markings included in this kit are: USAF B-52H, 19 BW, Wurtsmith AFB, Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 USAF B-52H, 449 BW, Kincheloe AFB, early 1960’s

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