KYOSHO 1/5 RC SURFER4 Color Type2(Black) readyset KT-231P+ 40110T2

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RC Surfer returns for everyone to enjoy again

■Length 660mm ■Width 160mm ■Height 325mm ■Weight 1,500g approx. ■Motor 540-class G24 motor with water-cooling jacket ■Screw D31 x P1.4 (polycarbonate) ■Charging Time 8 hours approx. 16km/h approx. ■Operation time 7 min approx.

●Pre-colored surf board installed with R/C system, complete with linkages
●Complete pre-painted surfer figure
●KT-231P 2.4GHz 2ch pistol grip type transmitter
●7.2V-2200mAh SCR NiMH battery
●Ni-MH battery dedicated delta peak USB charger

●AA batteries x 4 for transmitter


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