HORNBY LMS 6231 'Duchess of Atholl', Centenary Year Limited Edition - 1948 (R3819)

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Although there had been some development at the Meccano factory after the end of hostilities in 1945, it was not until 1948 that the Meccano factory resumed full production. 1948 saw business as usual with models designed prior to the Second World War starting to appear.

The Hornby Dublo ‘Duchess’ was first designed in January 1939 but it was not until Spring 1948 that the ‘Duchess of Atholl’ appeared in LMS Maroon. The locomotive was fitted with a metal body while the tender top was produced in moulded plastic. The launch of the ‘Duchess of Atholl’ in 1948 was a major milestone for Hornby Dublo and it is therefore appropriate in this, Hornby’s Centennial Year that the same named locomotive be made available once again with a metal locomotive body and a moulded tender top.

This limited edition Hornby Dublo ‘Duchess of Atholl’ has been specially produced as part of the Hornby Centenary Collection and celebrates the 1940s decade by not only reproducing a metal bodied locomotive for the first time in many years but by also using artwork inspired by the Hornby Dublo packaging style of that period. Included with this Limited Edition model is a numbered certificate confirming that the model is just one of 500.

Technical Specification & Detail

Gauge 00
Finish Standard
Length 301mm
DCC Type DCC Ready
Period Era 3 (1923 - 1947)
Operator/Livery LMS Crimson Lake
Limited Edition Yes
Limited Edition Size 500
Class Princess Coronation
Designer Sir William Stanier
Minimum Curve R2
Age Suitability 14+
Motor 5 Pole Skew Wound
Wheel Configuration 4-6-2

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