Hobbywing XeRun XR8 Plus

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High Reliability & Durability


Built with the most rugged and high-quality components and coupled with cutting-edge

firmware, the XR8 PLUS is able to deliver unmatched power and performance for even

the most hardcore of racing applications, but is also responsive enough to protect itself

from damage due to overloading due to physical abuse, overuse or even human error.


Great Flexibility & Versatility


With strong torque and excellent output, the XR8 PLUS can definitely cater for all

the power hungry requirements that professional drivers need. The highly

adjustable parameters of the ESC will allow drivers to enjoy smooth throttle

response when the throttle/brake linearity is utmost required.


High Voltage Built-in BEC


The XR8 PLUS is the world’s first 1/8th ESC that integrates a HV built-in BEC with an output

current of up to 15 Amp and a switchable output voltage of 6V-7.4V. The high voltage BEC is

designed to handle today’s high voltage servos on demand used by 1/8th scale vehicles.


Ultra-Reliable Cooling System


HOBBYWING’s patented cooling technology utilizes

proprietary heat-conductive copper bars to rapidly and

effectively transfer all internal heat from the MOSFET board

to the integrated CNC machined billet aluminum heatsink

housing. The cooling fan adopts a shockproof mounting

which effectively reduces the possibility of fan damage due

to vehicle’s frequent jumps.




The XR8 PLUS provides an exceptionally smooth off-throttle coasting function (patent pending),

which simulates the feeling of inertia and momentum of a large-scale car driving experience. This

can greatly improve the performance of builds utilizing large, high-powered motors as

electromagnetic drag becomes a substantial factor in sudden deceleration when in the off-throttle

position, adversely affecting driving performance and overall maneuvering.


Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch


The XR8 PLUS features an electronic switch with a lifespan of over 50000 on/off cycles,

housed in a completely waterproof, dust-proof and shock-resistant design.


Virtually Maintenance Free Operation


Because of the exceptional thought and design put into

the XR8 PLUS, users can expect a virtually maintenance

free operating experience, due to advanced error

sensing and thermal protection, an exceptionally

rugged housing, the ultimate in heat-dissipation

technology and a special shockproof fan mounting able

to withstand anything that a racer can throw at it.


High Performance Dynamic

Timing Algorithm


The world’s first 1/8th scale competition ESC which has

adopted dynamic timing technology, which has had great

successes in 1/10th scale touring car competitions for a long

time now, will greatly expand the adjustable power output

range of the ESC while still maintaining the overall system

efficiency and smoothness.

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