FUJIMI 1/24 ID88 Honda Civic Type R Late Type (EK9) (039879)

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The type R that Honda fans have been waiting for, a famous car that made the runners enthusiastic!
The first Civic Type R was added in August 1997 with a minor change of the 6th Civic.
It features a red emblem peculiar to Type R.

□ The kit is based on the 6th generation Civic, with the addition of Type R exclusive parts.
□ Front, side, and rear Type R exclusive parts are included.
□ The steering wheel is a MOMO steering wheel, and the seat is a Recaro bucket seat, which can be selected from the standard type.
□ Includes decals that reproduce the "TYPE R" and "RECARO" logos, license plates, instrument panels, and the red emblem for Type R.
From this time, you can choose from two types of wings.

Please note that the appearance of colors may differ from the actual product due to problems with the monitor and image resolution. The product is new and unopened. The release date is undecided and subject to change.

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