FUJIMI 1/24 ID259 KPGC10 Hakosuka GT-R 2 door '71 (039763)

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We have commercialized a set with a plate that is ideal for exhibition on the Skyline, which celebrated its 60th anniversary.
A 2-door hardtop equipped with an S20 engine.
It features a black overfender mounted on the rear wheel arch.
He demonstrated his ability in the race, participated in the Japanese Grand Prix, and broke the record of consecutive wins.

□ The product also reproduces the thick chrome parts surrounding the headlamps and grille with plating.
□ The characteristic square tail lamp of the twin frame has also been faithfully reproduced.
□ The "GT-R" logo on the side of the tail lamp has also been reproduced with decals.
□ Steel wheels and Watanabe wheels are included, and you can choose from two types.
□ As a bonus, suspension down parts are included.
□ A 25 x 150 mm car name plate that is ideal for exhibition is included.

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