FUJIMI 1/24 car NX7 Toyota Alphard GF3.5L (black) (066073)

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Black is added to the "3rd generation Alphard / 30 series early model" lineup!

In 2015, it appeared with a full model change for the first time in 6 years from the predecessor 20 series Alphard.
In December 2017, a partially improved late model also appeared and reigns as the "highest grade minivan".

■ It is a type of kit that can be assembled without using adhesive with a snap-fit ​​type assembly design.
□ The product is based on the gasoline car / 3.5L GF grade.
□ The black body is reproduced with the molding color, and it is a specification that can be completed without painting with a special molding material with strong luster.
□ A sticker with excellent followability is attached so that you can easily express the color difference of small parts such as window frames, emblems, and roof moldings.
 On the sticker, "normal private white number" and "ALPHARD" as well as "green business registration car number" are recorded.
 As a service, the emblem of the hybrid car is also recorded.

The large-sized plated grille is represented by new mold parts that are resin-plated in the same way as the actual vehicle.

The reflector of the rear bumper part reproduces the horizontal type with a new mold.

The cutting brilliant type that is standard equipment of Executive Lounge / GF / G grade has been reproduced with a new mold.

★ The black shadow part of the window glass is "reproducible just by pasting".
 Comes with a window film that can also be used as "pre-cut masking for painting".

* Please note that the interior is a black molding color compared to the actual Fluxen, and the color is not expressed.

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