FUJIMI 1/24 Car NEXT3 Suzuki Hustler (Summer Blue Metallic) (066028)

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Inset design eliminates the need for adhesives!
The molding color has a wonderful luster and no painting is required!
Following the current passenger car Vellfire, Suzuki Hustler with a completely new mold!

The Hustler is a colorful mini vehicle that was launched in 2014 as a crossover that can be used outdoors as you wish.

□ Snap-fit ​​type assembly design allows assembly without using adhesive.
□ Not only is it fitted and completed, but there is also a simple sticker attached so as not to spoil the enjoyment of making, so it is a specification that makes me happy when it is completed.
□ The product can reproduce the standard appearance before equipping with a wide range of genuine options with the motif of two-wheel drive X grade.
□ 109 molded parts The product consists mainly of one sticker.
□ The molding color is mainly composed of 8 colors such as body color, "black", "clear", "clear red", "white", "silver", "plated silver", and "dark gray".
□ The distinctive body colors "Passion Orange" and "Summer Blue Metallic" use newly set new molding colors.
 The gloss is also set stronger than the conventional molded parts.

(Passion Orange)
☆ In order to reproduce the appearance of the instrument panel in the room finished in the same color on the body of Passion Orange, a special sticker on the instrument panel and seat edge is attached.

(Summer Blue Metallic)
☆ The instrument panel in the room is finished in white, and the seat comes with a special sticker on the instrument panel and seat edge to reproduce the appearance of the blue molding.

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