FUJIMI 1/24 Car NEXT10 Toyota FJ Cruiser (Two Tone Yellow) (066134)

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Introducing an SUV that fascinates you with its unique form and running performance unique to 4WD!
There is no doubt that the model will look good! Vivid color, yellow version ♪

● Easy to make, all new design, new mold
, each part is colored, body is yellow, roof is white, interior is black, lights are molded in clear colors I will.
-The basic design of the side window has been significantly changed from this product, and the window frame and glass have been made into separate parts!
 This makes it more realistic with no seal even without painting, and masking is not required when painting, reducing work!
・ Tires and wheels are newly designed and parts are used with new molds.
-The area around the rear seats in the room and the floor of the rear space express the unevenness of the strip pattern just like an actual vehicle.
-While accurately reproducing the rudder frame structure on the chassis surface, we pursued ease of making and integrated parts as much as possible.
-Reproduce the uneven texture of the tire that appears on the surface of the rear tire cover with a soft engraving expression.
-The integrated brake / backlight is made into separate parts with clear red / clear molding colors so as not to spoil the texture.
-The rearview mirror reproduces a slight inclination toward the driver side, pursuing a shape close to the actual practical state.
-Although the side mirrors are composed of two colors, they are not reproduced with stickers, but are made into parts for each color to make two piss.
-The black shadow part of the window glass comes with a window film that can be used as "reproducible just by pasting" and "pre-cut masking for painting".

● Markings
・ Two-tone yellow comes with a real sticker that does not require painting and can reproduce detailed markings.
-Includes emblems and car names.

[Characteristics of the car NEXT series]
-Each plastic part is pre-colored with the colors required for completion, and painting with paint is not required.
-The surface luster similar to that of a real vehicle, which is difficult to reproduce with paint painting, is reproduced with a special material.
-Detailed color coding and patterns can be easily reproduced by attaching a real sticker with excellent followability.
-It is a design specification that does not require adhesive for assembly and can be completed only by joining parts.
-Although the design specifications are easy to finish, the modeling is three-dimensional with higher accuracy and reproducibility than before.

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