Fujimi Independent Study 24EX-4 Ikimono Hen American Crayfish Special Specification (Clear Red) (171050)

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The American crayfish, which is native to the United States, is a creature that has been introduced to Japan and can be seen in paddy fields and gentle waterfronts. Most of the colors are red and brown, but it is also known that the color changes to blue or white depending on the environment. It is said to be 8 to 12 cm long and have a lifespan of about 5 years.


The product is a kit with the motif of the crayfish, and contains one.

When completed, it is a masterpiece with a total length of 23 cm. It is bigger than the real thing.


◆ Realistic modeling

The chest is too real and has a comfortable bioreproducibility.

The centerpiece is made into separate parts and finished with a glossy texture.

The carapace is a one-piece part that uses a slide mold to make it easy to make.


◆ The main part is designed to be movable

. The movable limbs of the scissors move so that they can be pinched.

The 2nd to 5th chest legs are ball joint type and can move freely.

The abdominal limbs are made into separate parts, and can be recreated with the image of moving around.

The abdomen to tail can take a curled posture.

Two tail limbs on each side of the tail fan can be expanded and moved in the horizontal direction.


◆ The attached assembly manual also includes a bean knowledge column about crayfish! It is a content that you can know the real thing while making it.


Molded parts consist of all three colors.

Completed size is about 23x14x6 cm

110 assembled parts


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