Fujimi Independent Study 22 Creatures Edition Stag Beetle (170732)

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Introducing a "specimen kit" that you can enjoy at the permanent exhibition with insects that are hard to see the real thing!

Following the first beetle, the second is the commercialization of "stag beetle".


● The product contains 2 animals.

● The product has a motif of sawtooth stagnation.

● The main part is designed to be movable! The mandible, legs and front wings are designed to move freely.

-The lower feathers can be reproduced in a stretched state with separate parts.

● A specimen stand for exhibition is attached.


[Common specifications for beetles and stag beetles] The

main color coding is reproduced in the molding color, and it can be assembled without painting.

The snap-fit ​​design allows assembly without the use of adhesives.

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