CORGI Maverick's F/A-18 Hornet ® and P-51D Mustang ® (Top Gun Maverick, 2020) (CS90683)

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Top Gun Collectable Die-Cast Double Pack Two stunning aircraft flown by CAPT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell are the stars of this officially licensed movie die-cast double model pack! Over thirty years since graduating from the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School more popularly known as Top Gun Maverick is now an instructor training a new generation of pilots. At the school he pilots a striking blue and black liveried F18 Hornet, while in his downtime Maverick continues indulging his love of flight by taking to the skies in his own personal P51D Mustang. Wingspan P-51: 90mm F-18: 80mm Produced under licensed. (Vehicle/Aeroplane Models) the distinctive logos, product markings, and trade dress are all trademarks of The Boeing Company.

 Scale size is "fit in box" (Roughly the size of a match box car) 

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