CORGI 1/48 Sopwith Camel F.1. Wilfred May, 21st April 1918, Death of the Red Baron - Special Edition (AA38110)

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Ask someone about a character from the First World War, and they will probably talk about the Red Baron – perhaps the most famous pilot during the early days of flight.

This diecast metal model from Corgi captures a key point in history – with a complete, painted and rigged model. You’ll know you acquired something special from the moment you hold the beautiful box. What is tucked inside the artful packaging is a finely modelled 1:48 recreation of a moment in history. When this RAF plane brought down the Red Baron.

As the proud owner, you’ll be the person able to display a finely painted and fully detailed model of the Sopwith Camel. Offering a 176mm wingspan, this model is ideal for a historic display or collection. It comes with many special features too!

Propellers that twirl at the slightest nudge, rigging that just aches to be twanged, and a beautifully shaped body within which you’ll spot a detailed figure of the pilot. Lovingly finished components to look out for include the wood grain effect propeller. As you study your purchase you’ll know this is the start of a wonderful collection.

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