Atlantis 1971 Pontiac Firebird 1/32 Plastic Model Kit (M2009)

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1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am


The 1971 Firebird Trans Am was a true enthusiast's performance car. It was loaded with 455 cubic inches of "Poncho-Power" and a wide ratio four-speed transmission. The ominous shaker hood would just sit there and vibrate at idle, but get on a 455 Trans Am, and that shaker hood just rammed air into that thirsty four-barrel carb. This was a machine to be reckoned with, and its striking white and blue paint job was adorned with a front air dam, rear spoiler, fender flares, and air vents that told everyone what a 'Rocket" the Trans Am was. The folks at Pontiac understood performance and it did not take long for the garish Trans Am to surpass the GTO as Pontiac's most potent muscle car.

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