AMT 1:25 1974 AMC Gremlin X (AMT1077)

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AMT's Gremlin X is ready to speed you back to '74 with its potent panel features! Build it your way, stock or souped up! Add some Cragars, a hood scoop and side pipes for a proud street prowler, or take it a step further and go racing with performance engine goodies, drag slicks and more! You can even tint the windows for a full-on wild ride (and dig the simulated 'sdenim-styled interior) then decorate this bomb with multiple stripe and graphic choices. The coolest AMC ever, only from the Kats!


Age: 10 years and up

Item no: AMT1077

Approx package dimensions: 23 x 16 x 9 cms

Scale: 1:25

Skill Level 2

Paint and cement required

Molded in white

Build stock or custom/drag

2 sets of wheels

Includes clear and chrome plated parts, black vinyl tyre, and decals

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