1/10 Maverick TimberWolf 4WD SC Truck

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From the minds at Maverick comes the awesome TimberWolf 4WD short course truck, a fun, fast and durable truck you can take anywhere! Using a modern & lightweight design and the most powerful electronics we can fit in the chassis, the TimberWolf has been created from the ground up for low weight, high power and maximum toughness. With the newest advances in racing-style suspension and super-strong materials, the TimberWolf is a no-compromise, extra-tough and extra-fast truck that is equally at home at any bashing area or your local track.

The all-new Wolf range from Maverick merges the latest short course race truck design, light weight and extra-powerful electronics to give you loads of fun! The TimberWolf is fitted with powerful electronics such as a 4000Kv brushless motor and waterproof 3S capable speed controller that combine to give you amazing acceleration and top speed!

The TimberWolf's durable 4WD shaft drivetrain is equipped with 3 diffs: one at the front, rear and middle of the chassis, all equipped with strong metal gears to handle the power from the motor. All of the drivetrain components rotate on sealed ball bearings, and the TimberWolf features universal driveshafts at the front for extra efficiency. A waterproof, 3S capable speed controller powers the 4000Kv brushless motor, and the receiver rests within a water-resistant box for protection from the elements.

The TimberWolf definitely looks the part of a racing truck, too - an aerodynamically designed racing body, front and rear crash bumpers, front skidplate, mudflaps, 6-spoke beadlock-style wheels and multi-level tri-pin racing tires all help to make the Timberwolf look and drive like a real racing truck.

The Maverick TimberWolf 4WD short course truck: beautiful, tough and deadly!

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