Kyosho Tamiya AKA Blade Parkzone Spektrum Traxxas

Sweep Onroad 30 Exp

Manufacturer part number: swp30exp
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Manufacturer: Sweep
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(swp30exp). These are a full set pre -glued. Unparalleled performance over spec tires* Made from our very own Synthetic rubber.* EXP compound need less time or no tire warming at all* Covering wider range of surface temperatures* No tweaking is needed after each run because the tires stay soft longer naturally* The US sets are already "scuffed and glued" just like how racers normally prepare the tires* EXP36 Extreme Carpet Spec formula is the answer for today's Ozite carpet tracks.* In open tires TC competition, EXP is the only way to win* Our tires and wheels are known for near perfect balance, it spins true, wear evenly, creating maximum traction.