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Airfix Albion 3-Point Fueller 1:48

Those that remained gave sterling service during the Battle of Britain, helping to quickly refuel fighters in between sortie, their three refueling hoses drastically cutting down the time needed.
$36.00 incl GST

Airfix Avro Lancaster B.1 1:72

Of all the RAF bombers involved in operations over Germany during the Second World War, the Avro Lancaster must rank as the most famous of them all.
$86.00 incl GST

Airfix Avro Lancaster B.lll 1:72

While the Lancaster saw the vast majority of its service as a high altitude night bomber attacking strategic targets deep within Germany, notably its involvement in the battles of the Ruhr, Hamburg and Berlin, it was a daring low-level raid that gave the Lancaster arguably its finest hour.
$100.00 incl GST

Airfix Avro Vulcan B Mk2 XH558 1:72

XH558 was the last Vulcan to leave the RAF service, flying on from 1986 to 1993 as the single RAF Display Vulcan, a career of 33 years.
$99.00 incl GST

Airfix Boeing B-17G Flying fortress 1:72

The definitive version of this classic USAAF heavy bomber, the Boeing B-17G incorporated a host of improvements on the earlier models of the Flying Fortress.
$86.00 incl GST

Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.1 1:72

The Boulton-Paul Defiant was the only ‘turret fighter’ to enter service with the RAF.
$23.00 incl GST

Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.l

With its powered dorsal mounted turret, the Boulton Paul Defiant was one of the most interesting fighter aircraft to see service during the Second World War.
$54.00 incl GST

Airfix Bristol beafighter TF.X

The Bristol Beaufighter was a WWII British long range heavy fighter, developed from the earlier Beaufort design. Featuring two powerful Bristol Hercules engines.
$50.00 incl GST

Airfix De Havilland Mosquito Nf.Mk.ll/FB.Mk.Vl/FB.Mk.Vl/FB.Mk.XVlll 1:72

The Mosquito earned the reputation of being one of the most outstanding aircraft of World War II.
$36.00 incl GST

Airfix English Electric Canberra B(i).6/B.20

The incredible success of the English Electric Canberra jet bomber can be gauged by the length of time it remained in service with the Royal Air Force.
$108.00 incl GST

Airfix Grumana F4F-4 Wildcat 1:72

The F4F Wildcat was the US Navy's primary carrier borne fighter aircraft at the start of the Second World War.
$23.00 incl GST

Airfix Hawker hurricane Mk.1 1:72

Nevertheless, once fitted with 3-blade propellers these early Hurricanes were very successful during the Battle of Britain in 1940.
$18.00 incl GST

Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.l Tropical 1:48

The rugged and reliable Hawker Hurricane was arguably the most important fighter aircraft available to the Royal Air Force at the beginning of WWII.
$54.00 incl GST

Airfix Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3 1:72

The Jet Provost was introduced in the late 1950s and quickly became the RAF’s premier jet basic trainer.
$23.00 incl GST

Airfix Junkers Ju87B-1 STUKA 1:72

The Junkers Ju87 Stuka quickly became one of the most infamous, and feared weapons of the Second World War.
$36.00 incl GST

Airfix Junkers Ju87B-2 STUKA 1:48

Arguably one of the most distinctive aircraft of WWII, the Ju87B Stuka was a highly effective dive and attack bomber, capable of delivering precision bombing attacks.
$81.00 incl GST

Airfix Mini Countryman WRC 1:32

Launched by the MINI WRC team during the 2011 World Rally Championship.
$36.00 incl GST

Airfix Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero 1:72

The Mitsubishi zero was a naval fighter plane used in the second world war for the Japanese.
$18.00 incl GST

Airfix North american P-51D Mustang

The North American P-5 l Mustang is viewed as one of the most iconic American fighters.
$18.00 incl GST

Airfix royal Aircraft Factory BE2c

The stable flight characteristics of the government designed Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c made it an ideal choice for use as a home defence night fighter aircraft.
$23.00 incl GST