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Minicraft Model Kits

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Minicraft 1/144 Boeing B-29A Superfortress

The B-29A was employed as a long-range heavy bomber to attack the Japanese mainland from distant bases in China and the Pacific islands. The B-29A was the first aircraft to deliver an atomic bomb in 1945 and served the United States Army Air Force and the United States Air Force well into the 1950’s. This new Minicraft B-29A features improved fuselage and clear parts to enhance the nose and cockpit of this Minicraft favorite. The new kit includes new high quality decals printed by Cartograf with 3 marking options including Enola Gay which dropped the first atomic weapon in 1945. This new kit features quality Cartograf decals and new markings for 3 aircraft.
$40.00 incl GST

Minicraft 1/72 PBM-5 Mariner

The PBM was designed in the late 1930’s and first deployed in the early 1940’s as a sea based U.S. Navy patrol bomber and transport for men and material. The Mariner was also well suited for search and rescue operations. The PBM was a large aircraft carrying a crew of 7 to10 crewmen and a flight range of over 2000 miles. This new 1/72 scale plastic kit represents the PBM-5 seaplane which was the single most produced aircraft in the Mariner family. This PBM-5 seaplane features new tooling for “beaching gear” and depth bombs for positioning in the fully detailed mariner Bomb bays. The new Minicraft PBM features recessed panel lines, detailed twin engines with position-able cowl flaps and control surfaces, newly tooled beaching gear and new markings for the PBM-5 “nightmare”.
$146.00 incl GST

Minicraft Model Kits Ac-130A Gunship (Azrael Angel of Death)

First deployed in the late 1960’s the United States Air Force recognized the heavy weight carrying capacity and long duration flight of the C-130. These attributes made the C-130 an ideal aircraft to be adapted to serve as an airborne gun platform for accurate high volume fire directed at enemy locations. The C-130A named “Azrael” first operated in Viet Nam and proved the effectiveness of the C-130 gunship concept. Minicraft Model Kits new #14593 represents the C-130A deployed in Vietnam and includes both 105 MM gun and 7.65 “mini-guns” used so effectively to blanket enemy positions in South-east Asia in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Kit includes several armament options including proto-type armament, operational armament and markings for both the proto-type aircraft and Azrael, Angel of Death”.
$86.00 incl GST