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Military Vehicles and Artillery

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Airfix 1/32 Monty's Humber

General Montgomery famously travelled in his Humber Snip 4 X 2 Four-Seat Open Tourer, both in the North African campaigns and also those of Western Europe after the D-Day landings. This kit comes with the famous General dressed in his well known battledress and beret, along with his dedicated driver.
$55.00 incl GST

Airfix 1/72 WW2 RAF Bomber Re-supply set

This is a highly detailed model kit set. This kit gives you everything you need to build your very own Bomber re supply station. an absolute must for the WW2 diorama enthusiast.
$70.00 incl GST

Airfix 1/76 Bren Gun Carrier and Anti Tank Gun

This is a highly detailed model kit set. You can assemble Custom paint and display this awesome WW2 setup. Glue and paint sold separately
$22.00 incl GST

airfix 1910 B type Omnibus 1:32

A water-cooled 4 cylinder petrol engine producing 25hp powered the bus through a 3-speed and reverse gearbox with a shaft to the rear wheels. The chassis was made of ash faced with steel and the cast steel wheels had solid rubber tyres. Civilian versions were fitted with fenders on each side between the wheels to prevent people from falling under the rear wheels.
$72.00 incl GST

Airfix Albion 3-Point Fueller 1:48

Those that remained gave sterling service during the Battle of Britain, helping to quickly refuel fighters in between sortie, their three refueling hoses drastically cutting down the time needed.
$36.00 incl GST

Airfix Bedford MWD

The Bedford MW series was the smallest of the wartime Bedford trucks and many thousands were produced throughout the Second World War. Early models earned the nickname the ‘Pneumonia Wagon’ due to their small windscreens and open cabs.
$40.00 incl GST

Airfix Bedford QLT and Bedford QLD Trucks 1:76

With over 52,000 vehicles built between 1941 and 1945, the Bedford QL 3-ton truck was one of the most numerous British vehicles during the Second World War. Designed as either a general duties truck or troop transport, the QL was powered by a 3.5 litre, 6-cylinder petrol engine producing 72bhp, giving a governed top speed of 38mph. Thanks to its high ground clearance, cross-country tyres and a 2-speed, 4-wheel-drive transfer box located in the centre of the chassis (giving 8 forward gear ratios), the QL had excellent cross country mobility. A large number are still in use by enthusiasts.
$40.00 incl GST

Airfix British Airborne Willys Jeep

The Willys Jeep, officially designated Truck, 1/2 ton, 4x4, is the best known of all the American vehicles of the Second World War. Originally intended to be a command and reconnaissance car, it became the most versatile of all vehicles. Able to be armed with machine guns and to tow small artillery pieces, the Jeep was essential to the Allied war effort.
$25.00 incl GST