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Carbon-Z® Yak 54 3X BNF Basic with AS3X® Technology (EFL10550

The E-flite® Carbon-Z™ Yak 54 3X airplane is a high-performance out-of-the-box experience that makes it easier to perform expert-level 3D aerobatics easier than ever thought possible.
$700.00 incl GST $600.00 incl GST

Eflie Radian XL 2.6m PNP (EFL5575)

Radian® sailplanes have made it easy for thousands of sport pilots to discover the thrill of RC soaring. The giant Radian® XL 2.6m sailplane stays true to this heritage while adding a whole new dimension of soaring excitement to the Radian line.
$425.00 incl GST

Eflite Radian XL 2.6m BNF Basic (EFL5550)

Radian® sailplanes have made it easy for thousands of sport pilots to discover the thrill of RC soaring. The giant Radian® XL 2.6m sailplane stays true to this heritage while adding a whole new dimension of soaring excitement to the Radian line.
$499.00 incl GST

E-flite Timber X 1.2m STOL and 3D airplane for intermediate pilots ( EFL3850 )

The original Timber® captured the thrill of incredible Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) capabilities in a design featuring sporty flight performance and ultra-friendly handling. From low-time to very experienced pilots, nearly everyone enjoys flying the Timber–but some wish it had even more aerobatic capability. The E-flite® Timber X 1.2m combines the STOL capabilities of the original model with a new wing design featuring oversized ailerons and flaps, plus an enlarged rudder and elevator and a more powerful 3S and 4S compatible power system, to also deliver 3D performance you'd expect from an all-out aerobat! Key Features: -Incredible Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) plus 3D capabilities. -Enlarged and oversized control surfaces with double-beveled hinge lines. -Six durable and factory-installed high-torque, metal-geared servos. -High-power 3S and 4S compatible brushless outrunner motor and 50-amp ESC, Spektrum™ 6-channel receiver with industry-leading DSMX® technology. -Unmatched stability and precision of AS3X® technology for smoother flight performance Easy to fly with optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope protection. -Shock-absorbing landing gear with oversized tundra-style wheels. -Functional and factory installed LED landing, navigation and strobe lights. -Lightweight yet durable composite-reinforced, hollow-core EPO construction. -Optional-use leading edge slats for improved STOL and slow flight performance. -Optional EDO-style floats (EFL5261, sold separately) Needed to Complete: -Full-range, 6+ Channel DSMX®/DSM2® transmitter. -2200–3200mAh 3–4S LiPo flight battery (EFLB22003S30 or EFLB22004S30 recommended). -Compatible LiPo charger. What's in the Box?: (1) E-flite Timber X 1.2m with (1) 50A Brushless ESC (1) Brushless Outrunner Motor (6) High-Torque, Metal-Geared Servos (1) Spektrum AR636 6-Channel Receiver (1) Set of Optional-Use Leading Edge Slats (1) Product Manual
$540.00 incl GST

Eflite UMX A-10 BL BNF Basic with AS3X (EFLU3750)

Scale detail, gobs of power and turn-on-a-dime agility make this ultra micro A-10 one of the most exciting EDF experiences of any size. It comes flight ready with an AS3X® receiver that makes it feel like it’s flying on rails, right out of the box.
$320.00 incl GST

E-flite UMX J-3 Cub BNF basic

Overview: Wings of Lock Haven Yellow The J-3 Cub is said to be the best-flying light airplane ever made. Designed in 1937 to be affordable and forgiving in the air, thousands were produced in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania and helped countless aviators realize the dream of flight. Today, lucky pilots scramble at the chance to fly a J-3 Cub so they can experience what it's like to be in perfect harmony with air and machine. The E-flite® UMX™ J-3 Cub is an ultra micro-size tribute to the gold-colored airplane and an upgrade for veteran pilots. Lightly constructed, this model of the everlasting classic features an authentic outline and molded surface detail. Up front is a 2S brushless outrunner power system that allows you to cruise the park at what seems like a walking pace, or punch the throttle to the stops and master basic aerobatics. But the feature that will help you enjoy flying this Cub even more is AS3X® technology. That's because the AS3X system built into the ultra-micro 6-channel receiver has been finely tuned so you feel as if you're at the controls of giant scale J-3 that's been expertly trimmed right out of the box. Molded hard points in the belly make the installation of an optional float set simple. So whether your fancy is doing touch-n-goes all day, or just cruising around, this fully assembled charm-machine gives you everything that's great about the J-3 Cub and more. AS3X® Technology The advanced AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) system built into the Spektrum™ 6-channel ultra micro receiver is what helps give the E-flite® UMX™ J-3 Cub an incredibly smooth feel in the air. It's technology that combines 3-axis sensing with exclusively tuned flight control software to help counter the effects of wind and turbulence behind the scenes. As a result, your workload to fly smoothly is significantly reduced so you can enjoy natural feeling control that's precise. It's an impressive flight experience that will have you feeling like you're at the controls of an expertly-tuned scale model that's much larger. Brushless Power The 180BL brushless outrunner motor installed spins a two-blade propeller to provide outstanding thrust and throttle response for slow flight and basic aerobatics. Scale Detail Authentic factory applied graphics complement the Lock Haven Yellow painted finish while the wing struts and exposed engine deliver an unmistakable sense of realism. Optional floats Turn your local pond into the neighborhood RC sea port. Just add the E-flite float set (EFLUA1190) which mounts to the hard-points already built into the fuselage.
$310.00 incl GST

e-flite UMX Timber BNF basic

Overview: About the only thing that can top an airplane you can fly just about anywhere is an airplane small enough to fly everywhere else. With the E-flite® UMX™ Timber™ airplane, small spaces, indoors and out, is flying country you can conquer. Like its larger brother, Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) is a specialty of this ultra-micro offering versatile performance that harnesses both friendly flying characteristics and an abundance of power. Right out of the box, the fully-assembled UMX Timber comes complete with functional flaps and oversized wheels. Combined with light wing loading and brushless motor power, getting out and back into tight spaces is possible. Installation of the included leading edge slats means you can land even slower and takeoff in shorter distances. AS3X technology with optional SAFE Select mode means you get the ultimate in control performance no matter when you choose to fly, even if it's a bit windy. Plus the brilliant LED lighting adds a special touch of realism and the ability to buzz the bush after sundown. And, if you want to fly from pools and ponds, all that's needed is the addition of the E-flite UMX float set that takes only minutes to install. STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) Capabilities and an Abundance of Power The UMX Timber wing is designed with STOL features like wing-tip droops, enlarged functional flaps and optional-use leading edge slats. These, along with the model's lightweight construction and powerful 3000Kv brushless motor, allow it to spring into the air or float down and land in less space than any other model in its class. AS3X® Receiver with Optional SAFE® Select Flight Mode The model's AS3X (Artificial Stabilization - 3-aXis) receiver works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence so you enjoy a sense of stability and precision that makes you feel like you're flying a larger, expertly tuned aircraft. If you're new to flying UMX models or want an extra margin of safety while familiarizing yourself with the airplane, you can activate the optional SAFE Select flight mode. Optional SAFE Select Mode Delivers: Pitch and Bank Angle Limits These keep the aircraft from rolling or pitching upside down. They also prevent excessive climb or dive angles during takeoff and landing. Automatic Self-Leveling Instantly returns the wings to level when the sticks are released. It's also helpful when hand launching the airplane. Simple Setup No programming is required. The function is automatically assigned to your transmitter's gear channel so you can turn it on and off whenever you want. Brilliant LED Light System Right out of the box, the UMX Timber airplane comes equipped with realistic-looking NAV lights, landing lights, wing-tip strobes and beacons, all factory-installed and powered off the flight battery. Fully-Assembled and Bind-N-Fly Ready The UMX Timber arrives 100% factory-assembled and ready to fly right out of the box. It's also equipped with Spektrum 2.4GHz technology that's ready to bind to a 6+ channel DSM2/DSMX transmitter so you can be ready to fly within minutes of opening the box.
$400.00 incl GST